MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the first time in 114 days, Minnesotans enjoyed 50 degree temperatures in the Twin Cities.

Nov.16 was the last time it was this warm, and the heat brought with it a late-winter melt, creating wet roads and running paths.

“When was the last time I enjoyed the weather? October? September? It’s been too long to remember,” said Cathy Hoese of Waconia.

Runners, bikers and even strollers took advantage of the weather, making their way around the City of Lakes.

The only difficulty was avoiding the water.

“I knew it was going to be warm. I didn’t realize how warm,” said Kelly Pepper of Minneapolis.

The March-melt created a sort of obstacle course for people around Lake Harriet, as they tried their best to avoid the puddles that popped up along the way.

A member of a high school track team decided to just go for it, by running straight into knee-high water.

Probably no one appreciated the warm-up more than Chris Mukina and his crew. They are with the Minnesota Conservation Corps, and their job is to cut down buckthorn and hackberry.

A job made much easier on a day like Monday.

“We were chainsawing three weeks ago in negative 13, negative 18 degree weather,” Mukina said. “We don’t miss that at all.”

John Lauritsen


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