By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — I love answering questions from kids because they can really stump us with the simplest things.

Nine-year-old Dominick from Mounds View wants to know: If the U.S. president was a woman, what would they call her husband?

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The short answer to this one is that no one knows yet for sure because it has yet to happen.

But in some states with female governors, the husband is called the “First Gentleman.”

Eight-year-old Jack from St. Paul asked: Why you have “sand” in your eyes when you wake up in the morning?

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Eye doctors say these are dried out tears. In the daytime, we’re always blinking, so our tears are washing out any dirt or debris.

But at night, our tears dry out and any of the dirt and debris – combined with mucous and oil in our tears – becomes crud that collects in our eyes.

It’s harmless and tends to decrease as you get older and rub our eyes less.

Twelve-year-old Bradley from Morris wants to know: Why do we refer to common nouns, such as cars, tractors and boats as “she”?

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There are several theories to this centuries-old tradition, but according to the U.S. Navy, the early seafarers used “she” because of how dependent they were on their ships for life and sustenance.

Heather Brown