MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Authorities are warning the public after receiving numerous reports of a man attempting to impersonate a Dakota County deputy sheriff.

Officials at the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office say the reports typically involve a phone call from an individual, claiming to be a deputy sheriff, and informing the person that they have failed to serve their required time on jury duty.

The impersonator then says they have to pay a fee, usually several hundred dollars through a pre-paid card, and the matter will be resolved.

Reports say the caller uses the name Lt. John Martin, though other names may also be used.

Anyone who has contact with this individual is asked to collect as much information as possible, including any phone numbers or addresses the individual provides and then call the Investigation Division of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office at (651) 438-4720.

Authorities say the sheriff’s office and law enforcement, in general, will never ask for money over the phone. Police say under no circumstances should anyone provide money to this individual.

They say if you receive calls from anyone claiming to be from the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office that you believe are suspicious, you are encouraged to verify the individuals identity by contacting (651) 438-4700.