Do you ever wonder why you haven’t worked for more nice bosses? Research from Michigan State says that nice bosses are more likely to burn out. You can read about that study here.

In Midmorning Money at 10:35 I talked with Prof. Sarah West from Macalester about her research on the development along the Blue Line. Check out the podcast, or you can read more about it on the Strib site.

At 11:10 Prof. Herb Tousley from the University of St Thomas joined me to talk about the February housing report. Prices are up almost 10% even though the winter weather was not conducive to selling homes.

To close out the show I talked with Stuart Ward, he’s coming to town next week as part of the cast of Once. It is here April 1-6 at the Ophreum. Get more info here.

9AM – Survey Says, Sid Hartman and why mean bosses last longer
10AM Jamie Yuccas – Study on development along Hiawatha Line
11AM – Winter housing numbers, nice boss study revisited, Stuart Ward from Once


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