MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Bloomington Kennedy High School is very good in girls basketball every season, and Tonoia Wade personifies the program.

That’s why she is our ASPIRE Athlete of the Week.

According to her, she couldn’t go 30 days without playing basketball.

“I, like, literally breathe basketball,” she said. “Like, working out every day.”

Last week, her team went to the state finals. Their second place finish brought disappointment, but also some appreciation.

“Everyone had a good time,” Wade said. “And even thought we lost…I feel like we still won, like, we still, like, accomplished something.”

The good times at Kennedy High are things Wade says she will always cherish.

“This year’s been, like, extra special,” she said. “It was, honestly, I feel like, as a player, one of my favorite years.”

Mike Max