Today we started the show by talking to Rick Drescher, father of United South Central high schooler Alyssa Drescher. She was expelled from school for the rest of the year after a locker check found a small pocket knife in her purse. Alyssa had been using the knife to help her boyfriend on the farm over the weekend and forgot to remove it. Check out Liz Collin’s story about Alyssa earlier in the week and you express your support for Alyssa the facebook page the family has set up.

At 10:10, defense attorney Steve Meshbesher was my in-studio guest to discuss the trial of Byron Smith. We had a very interesting discussion about what parts of the defense he was not allowed to present and why Byron didn’t testify. Make sure you check out the podcast here.

Our friend Heather Brown had a great good question last night. Is it ever ok to leave your kids in the car? Watch the video here and leave your thoughts below.

Finally if you need a good laugh today, check out this reenactment of a real deposition from a court case in Ohio. It has a “Who’s on First” like feel as the attorney and the subject go around on the definition of what a photocopier is. Make sure you watch until the end, it is well worth it!

Podcast – 9AM – Dave Lee – Sid – Rick Drescher on daughter being expelled from school
Podcast – 10AM – Byron Smith’s defense attorney Steve Meshbesher
Podcast – 11AM – Leaving kids in car – Q1’s GDP slowdown – Sonny Knight and the Lakers