MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Though we’re still emerging from the second consecutive “winter that won’t leave,” Minnesotans are among the least likely to say they would move to another state if they could.

Gallup just announced the results of a survey to see which states’ inhabitants are “looking for greener pastures.” According to their findings, only about 25 percent of Minnesotans say they would move to a different state if they could.

That ties the state with Colorado for seventh in the nation. The states where the fewest people said they would want to move were Montana, Hawaii and Maine. Oregon, New Hampshire and Texas also scored above Minnesota.

The states where the most people want to leave, Gallup found, were Illinois — where a full 50 percent said they wanted to leave if possible — and Connecticut, with Maryland, Nevada and Rhode Island rounding out the top five.

The wording of Gallup’s question was: “Regardless of whether you will move, if you had the opportunity, would you like to move to another state, or would you rather remain in your current state?”

The one potential mitigating factor Minnesotans may want to note regarding the poll was that the interviews were taken during the period extending between June and December 2013, before this year’s brutal winter had really settled in.