MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It is “Get Moving Monday” and this week we are looking at kids’ health. Stacie and Chris Clark of Tiger Athletics say that a healthy lifestyle starts at home.

They offered up some easy drills for kids as young as 2 years old, and taught us the basics of youth fitness. Fitness training is often an adult topic with the classes and schedules they get into. But according to Chris and Stacie Clark of Tiger athletics, healthy habits start young.

“We believe that a family that trains together and works together is wholesome and has huge connection,” Chris Clark said.

“You can really start at age 2-3, teaching the ABC’s of athleticism: Agility, balance and coordination through fun,” Stacie Clark said. “Rolling the ball, catching the ball, kicking. Simple things that don’t even realize they are learning.”

“At the very young age we work on what’s called fundamentals. Emphasis on fun,” Chris Clark said.

They teach basic athletic movements and drills like these, which you can do right at home or in your own yard. Run over 10 low hurdles to work on coordination and speed, maneuver side to side between 10 small obstacles or just run sprints in a series with friends.

Beyond learning the fundamentals of health and fitness, kids learn other valuable skills.

“Learning how to respect us as coaches, listen and take direction,” Chris Clark said.

And how to behave in a group and work together.

“I think it starts at home. Get off the couch, put the games down and get out and move. Kids need to play more with other kids. It can be as simple as that,” Stacie Clark said.

“It creates great lifestyle habits and creates responsibility,” Chris Clark said.

Chris and Stacie it’s about fun and letting kids play. Another benefit: They get all of that energy out.

So how often should kids training? The Clark’s say two to three times per week, but it can change if they are involved in sports or other activities. Tiger Athletics is holding a youth camp starting in June. They have four and eight week sessions.


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