RIPLEY, Colo. (WCCO) — Many families didn’t want to wait for a law in Minnesota to help their sick kids. They moved to Colorado to get access to marijuana. WCCO caught up with one family seeing some big changes in their daughter after their move.

In January, the Jays moved from Fort Ripley, Minn., to Bailey, Colo. Their 8-year-old daughter, Jenna, has epilepsy. They were on a waiting list for the cannabis oil for five months. Jenna started on it two months ago, and her parents say they’ve seen a difference since day one.

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WCCO first met the Jays in the mountains of Colorado in January. They are one of dozens of families after a custom-cultivated marijuana plant with a high amount of a compound shown to help control seizures in some kids.

“Before we started the cannabis oil she was having about 300 seizures a month and currently we are down to 50,” said Jenna’s mom, Marie Jay.

However, since Jenna started the oil two months ago, the Jays said the changes have been staggering.

“She’s definitely developing a personality that we’ve never seen, so it’s been very awesome,” Marie said.

Jenna is now off half of her medications. She’s sleeping better and stopped complaining of stomach and head pain. Her parents say for the first time people have a hard time telling her apart from her twin sister.

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“It almost chokes you up sometimes because you get so excited and happy. She’s hilarious,” Jason Jay, Jenna’s dad, said.

Jenna’s condition would be covered under the bill making its way through Minnesota’s Capitol, but they have no plans to leave Colorado until they’d be able to make a seamless transition after what they’ve witnessed in their new home.

“Look at these kids. They all deserve a chance,” Marie said.

Jenna is one of about 100 kids taking this cannabis oil called Charlotte’s Web. It’s named after a little girl, Charlotte Figi, who was the first to try it. Charlotte’s been off all of her medications for more than a year.

The Jays were told they likely wouldn’t see so many changes until she was on the medicine for at least six months, so this has been unexpected.

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Some doctors are skeptical because there aren’t any studies out there focused solely on Charlotte’s Web, but the Jays say all of the kids that started on the oil at the same time Jenna did have all seen a reduction in seizures.

Liz Collin