MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two years ago, Anthony Barr was playing offense and not getting much playing time at UCLA. With a new coach and a switch to defense, he became a first-round draft choice for the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings traded their No. 8 overall draft pick to Cleveland Thursday night and moved down a spot. With the No. 9 pick, they selected Barr, who played linebacker and could be an immediate impact player for the Vikings this season.

WCCO-TV’s David McCoy sat down with Barr after he was introduced as a new member of the team on Friday. Barr calls himself a very competitive and dedicated person. He says he’ll be dedicated to football, his team and his position.

“There hasn’t been a happier day in my life,” Barr said about being drafted by the Vikings.

Barr’s father and uncles played in the NFL, and they’ve told him to live in the moment as he gets ready for his first NFL season.

“Appreciate where you are, it’s not every day you’re put in this type of position so just enjoy the moment and be happy,” Barr said.

The Vikings had a chance to draft Johnny Manziel with the No. 9 pick, but instead went the defensive route with Barr. He said he sees it as an opportunity.

“There’s obviously pressure from all types of different angles but I just look at the pressure as an opportunity,” Barr said.


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