MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — More rain on the way could create more problems for folks who live along Minnehaha Creek.

One of the wettest springs on record in the Twin Cities has created dangerous conditions in the creek and an ongoing stressor for some homeowners like Chris Kellick.

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“You see that big hump in front of the grass, and where the water’s rippling in front of the tree? That’s the bank, that’s the bank!” Kellick said.

Water from the creek has flowed 15 feet over its banks in Kellick’s backyard in Edina.

“This would be the lifeline to my house, this is the sump pump hose,” he said.

It’s kept his basement from flooding so far.

“This pump hose and this hose will be constantly active for the foreseeable future,” Kellick said.

This next round of rain could pose bigger problems for Kellick and other homeowners. The cities of St. Louis Park and Edina have warned people who live along the creek to be prepared for potential flooding.

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Along the creek trails, some bike paths like this one are already water-covered.

“I’ve never seen it like this in the many years I’ve been riding this trail,” says biker Vikas Narula.

High and fast-moving water has created dangerous conditions for kayakers and canoers which prompted Hennepin County Emergency Management to advise people to stay out of the creek.

Earlier this week, a WCCO photographers helped rescue a kayaker who was overturned by a downed branch.

Saturday, it appeared people were taking the warning seriously.

“Occasionally, the creek will take what belongs to it, and you’re best to get out of the way,” Kellick said.

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