BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) – The Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America has a new exhibit opening this month. It’s called “Claws,” and we went inside to get a look at what’s to come.

The exhibit will feature a variety of different crabs, everything from smaller crabs to larger species. Crabs are omnivores, so the experts with the exhibit said they will eat just about anything. But they like to eat small, saltwater-type fish, according to Aquarist Sarah Meyers.

The exhibit will include the Japanese spider crab, which can reach about 12-feet across once they’re fully grown. They can be found in anywhere from 160 feet to more than 2,000 feet of water. These crab were found in the Tokyo Bay in Japan.

That’s large enough to straddle a small car. They also have coconut crabs, porcupine crabs and land crabs. The crabs will be at the Sea Life Aquarium for about a year.