By Bill Hudson

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After such a long, cold winter, all we wanted was a little time to enjoy the outdoors this summer. Now, however, we’re sharing it with some uninvited visitors.

Mosquito season is here, just in time to mess with our cook-outs and graduation parties. Crews from mosquito control are out in force, but they can only do so much. So, some families swear by the Mosquito Squad.

“When I stand in their yard, and I’m being eaten by mosquitos,” said Amelia Houdek of Andover. “My typical response is you know I got guys.”

Houdek has a big personality and a big yard that used to be overwhelmed by mosquitos — until she started using her guys, also known as the Mosquito Squad.

“About very two weeks,” she said, “to make sure we can actually enjoy our backyard.”

She’s been using the service for six years, but co-owner Tom Olson says there’s a reason this year’s mosquitos seem worse than usual.

“It’s a perfect storm,” he said. “A lot of standing water, with the weather we’ve had, with the temperatures warming up, and the emergence of all this foliage, which gives mosquitos a great place to hide.”

Once they hatch, mosquitos hide in the leaves during the day, and come out to bite at night. So, the Mosquito Squad attacks the problem head-on.

“As the mosquitos come into those harborage areas on the undersides of the leaves,” he said. “When they contact the product, it does kill them. We generally get an 80 to 85 percent reduction of mosquito activity on the property.”

With mosquitos on the rise and graduation season in full swing, the mosquito squad is treating 100 homes a day. Houdek’s graduation party is Friday, but she trusts her guys.

“There will be no mosquitos,” she said. “It will be a mosquito-free party, which in itself will be a success out here.”

The service costs $99 to $100 for a one-time treatment or $399 to $999 for the season. The price is based on the size of the property.

Bill Hudson

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