MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The semi-truck driver who almost hit a sixth grader while illegally passing a school bus last week made contact with law enforcement officials just hours after authorities asked the public to help find out who was behind the wheel.

The Minnesota State Patrol tweeted Tuesday night that the driver had made contact with them. Officials also thanked those who helped spread the word about their search, as State Patrol had asked the public to help them track down the driver earlier in the day.

Lt. Eric Roske said the incident involving the driver happened last Friday on Highway 23 near New London and Paynesville.

A school bus had stopped to pick up a girl and the bus driver had turned on the flashing lights and put the stop arm in position. That’s when the semi-truck, traveling at a high speed, drove between the bus and the shoulder.

Witnesses said a student was almost struck by the semi, but no one was injured. A dashboard camera on the bus was able to capture the moment.

Officials did not give the driver’s name Tuesday.