MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a change in policy, you can now adopt pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other so-called “power breeds” at the Minneapolis dog shelter.

In the past, those dogs were sent to rescue groups.

There will be a screening process for new owners, assessments for the dogs, and 25 volunteers to help expedite the process.

But the goal is to treat these breeds more like the others at the shelter.

“Those animals are equally as able to be adopted as poodles or bichons or Labradors,” said Lisa Goodman, a city council member. “And what we’re trying to do is make sure we have better outcomes for animals coming out of our animal control and care facility.”

Most of the dogs that end up in the shelter are either strays or they’re seized for other reasons.

Fees to adopt them are $185 for puppies and $150 for adults.

For more information, go to the city’s website.