MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An Eagan elementary school is restricting access to its building after police warned the district that a man arrested in May outside of a Lakeville school was in the area.

District 196 officials say Northview Elementary is in “shelter in place” mode, which means normal classroom operations are in effect but entrance to the building is restricted.

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Police tracked the cell phone of 26-year-old Michael Oliver Adrian to the area on Thursday night.

On May 22, employees of a Lakeville school observed Adrian skateboarding in the parking lot while dressed in camouflaged clothing, wearing sunglasses and handkerchiefs which covered his head and face. He also had an arrow secured to his right arm.

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Adrian spoke to two school employees who had approached him, telling them he was waiting for someone to stop him, and that he planned to gain access to the school. He claimed to be a public servant who was going around testing security, and said that anyone with military experience could easily access the school.

When police arrived, Adrian was verbally uncooperative. Officers patted him down and found the following weapons in his possession: three sharp throwing knives, a pocket knife, a box cutter, a slingshot with ammunition, pepper spray and a rock.

Adrian was arrested for possessing weapons on school property.

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Although his phone was tracked to the area, there is no indication he is near the Eagan school on Friday.