By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Brad from Watertown wants to know: Why are there dots on our windshields?

Our friends from Abra Auto Body and Glass helped us with this one. Basically those dots are there to stop UV rays from coming in from the sun.

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Without the dots, UV rays could burn the adhesive that holds the windshield in place. We know how hot it can get here in Minnesota in the summer. Without the dots, the windshield would likely fall out at some point.

Jeffrey from St. Paul wants to know: Why are stickers attached to fruit in stores?

The sticker serves multiple purposes. One is for the PLU or “product lookup number,” a four-digit number that lets the cashier know a fruit’s sales price.

It’s also for distributors to keep track of where their fruit is going. And yes, the sticker is food safe but not recommended to eat.

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Some of our viewers had wondered: How do animals handle mosquitoes this time of year?

All kinds of animals are susceptible to mosquito bites. Even cold-blooded animals like frogs and salamanders have a type of mosquito that likes to bite them.

A lot of animals will take to sun, the water (like moose) or even the mud (like pigs) to avoid mosquitoes.

There is really no repellent for cats or dogs.

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Our friends at the Plymouth Animal Hospital recommend that dogs take their heartworm medicine every month, especially during mosquito season, as mosquitoes are a carrier of the parasite.

John Lauritsen