MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A black bear, possibly the same one seen recently in several south-metro communities, was shot and killed early Saturday morning in West St. Paul.

Police say they received reports of a black bear wandering near Bernard Street West and Charlton Street. The bear was described as weighing between 120 – 150 pounds and had an injured hind leg.

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According to West St. Paul Police, several departments were called in to corral the bear in the hopes of tranquilizing it after it started to flee towards the southern border of the city of St. Paul.

Authorities say the bear was agitated from its injury and was in a startled state, especially as more and more residents began to come out of their homes to see what was happening.

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West St. Paul Police say they contacted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, who told them that it was the duty of local authorities to take action to protect the public.

Police say they shot the bear because they didn’t have enough time to call for an animal control officer to respond with a tranquilizer gun before it entered a more populated area.

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Savage Police shot and injured a black bear in May, but it’s not known if this was the same bear.