MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — They’ll forgive you if you carry a stack of letters into The Postmark Grille in Hudson, Wis.

“They love how we kept a lot of the characteristics of the building,” said manager Erica Schletty.

Manager Derek Evenson has to tell some customers that this is the “old” post office.

“They’re like, ‘My box was right there, my box was right there,'” Evenson said.

History is everywhere; from the original stampers, to a payroll sheet from the post office’s first year in 1940.

“My husband actually did all the remodeling and construction of the building,” Schletty said, who is Evenson’s sister. “We have my dad who’s the head owner, me and my brother … are the managers and my uncle is the head chef in the back.”

The Postmark Grille is Russell Evenson’s third historical renovation. He’s remade a truck dealer and a grocery store. But the food has to be as good as the building.

“For 30 years he’s had a restaurant, and a lot of the recipes are coming from my grandfather who’s from Sicily,” Schletty said.

And the family specialty is a meat roll-up called spadini. It contains Romano and provolone cheese that’s wrapped in salami – and then wrapped in thin sirloin steak.

The chips served at Postmark are fried lasagna pasta, and the sauces are all homemade.

It feels like a step back in time when walking through the building, especially for customers like Douglas Fyksen who used to work in the building as mailmen.

That connection to the past keeps the family behind The Postmark Grille delivering a delicious future.

“We just love the community of Hudson,” Schletty said.

The Postmark Grille serves beer from a Hudson brewery on tap year round. Right now, it’s American Sky Brewing.

The Postmark Grille is right off the main drag downtown on Locust Street. Click here for more information.


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