MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police officers, sheriff deputies and FBI agents in Hennepin County will be making an extra effort on Tuesday to find drug offenders with warrants.

This follows a rise in heroin deaths in the county.

Around 7 a.m., law enforcement officers took a roll-call before going out to knock on the doors of homes and businesses looking for possible fugitives.

During the morning’s roll-call, a mother thanked officers for their hard work and persistence in tracking down drug dealers.

That mother, Becky Scheig, lost her son Andrew to a heroin overdose.

Heroin is a growing concern in the county.

Through April of this year, 17 people in Hennepin County have died because of heroin.

Last year, there were 56 heroin-related deaths. That’s a record for the county.

People with active warrants are urged to turn themselves in so they don’t have to go through the embarassment of being arrested at their job or at home.

Authorities have a list of more than 160 people they will try to arrest this month.

Many of those people are repeat offenders with several active warrants.

More than a dozen law enforcement agencies will be working together on this countywide warrant sweep.


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