MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Feline friends come in different sizes and colors.

And Jocelyn LaBerge with Feline Rescue, Inc. in St. Paul says springtime marks the beginning of the cat craze.

“This happens every spring-summer season,” LaBerge said. “All of the cats that are outdoors that are not fixed are having liters.”

Thousands of cuddly kittens suddenly need a loving home. Many of the no-kill organizations in the metro are filled to capacity right now, and they’re not in a position to take in additional cats or kittens.

Feline Rescue is one such organization. In order for the group to take in a cat off the streets or from a home, it has to adopt one out first.

A lot of shelters will ask people to hold onto the cat or kittens until there’s a space. The Animal Humane Society will let you surrender by appointment, but it can take a week or two for them to get you in.

“If you’re willing to foster them, a lot of times the organization can take care of the vet needs and food, litter, all of those things that are necessary to keep those cats healthy,” she said.

Animal advocates say the only way to break the cycle is to have your cats spayed or neutered. Shelters can get you in touch with free and discounted services.

Adopting a cat can cost between $50 – $120, depending on the shelter.

“I always tell people that when you adopt a cat from a no-kill organization, you’re saving two cats,” LaBerge said. “You’re saving the cat that you’re taking home but you’re creating a spot for somebody to come in off the street.”

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Kate Raddatz

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