MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Customers sitting behind Three Crows Café in Delano, Minn. are doing so just a couple feet from the Crow River.

Co-owner Brad Coburn has been through this before. There was little flood damage in 2010, but Coburn’s not sure luck is on their side this time.

“You’re gonna lose money,” Coburn said. “The question is how bad will the building get damaged to whether we can reopen or not, and that’s an unknown.”

The city is doing what it can by building a temporary levee along River Street. But with the ground as wet as it is, Mayor Dale Graunke says they will eventually have to close the street.

“The ground’s already saturated,” Graunke said. “We keep getting more rain, and when it hits the ground it’s moving.”

But they can’t help the damaged cropland around Delano. Homeowners Kevin Wasik can now canoe around his kids’ playground in the backyard.

He hopes a levee will keep the water from doing more damage.

“We’re gonna work on some damage control right now as far as getting the high-valuable items out of the basement,” Wasik said.

The Crow River is already six inches above flood stage. It could rise another four feet before reaching its crest on Monday.

John Lauritsen