MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you live in the southern Twin Cities metropolitan area, you may have heard the sirens go off. There were several reports of a funnel cloud in the sky.

A number of viewers reported seeing funnel clouds at around 1 p.m. They were spotted in the Hastings and Farmington areas, and a viewer submitted a photo from Highway 52 just north of Cannon Falls

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GALLERY: Viewers’ Pictures Of Funnel Clouds

The National Weather Service said that the funnel clouds were very weak.

WCCO meteorologist Lauren Casey said, “These funnel types forming with few showers typically don’t touch the ground.”

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National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Krause said there were no tornado warning and explained why.

“We’ve seen some of the photographs and definitely if you’d be concerned and think that something is going to be touching down. But in this kind of weather condition, these funnels are not about to touch down,” Krause said.

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Each county has the right to sound the siren, Krause said, but in this case the funnels were for the most part harmless and had little chance of touching the ground and causing damage.