MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In Get Movin’ Monday, we want to know how to strength train without using big, bulky or expensive equipment. So, we went to an expert, Chris Clark, who is the owner of Tiger Athletics.

Clark says the older we get, the more important it is to strength train — and it doesn’t require huge dumbbells and machines.

You can do a full strength-building workout with a basic piece: resistance bands. WCCO’s Natalie Nyhus started out with some basic curls.

“Remember, to increase muscle density, you need load and resistance. The next thing we are going to do is both arms at the same time. And just by doing that, suddenly the resistance goes up,” Clark said. “Now, make it dynamic by doing a curl into a press. This is going to work the shoulders. We know we like to have a nice set of shoulder, especially in the summer with the sleeveless tops. You’re going to do 12-15 reps, 3-5 sets depending on fitness level.”

The next exercise works the lower body.

“Bring the band up to your shoulders and behind. There’s the load. Step back and pull in. You can feel the quad, hamstring and glut,” Clark said.

As we get older, the more important it is for us to strength train in this fashion.

“After the age of 32, you start to lose a quarter to a half a pound of muscle per year. If you overeat by 50 calories, now you’re at a 75 calorie overage, and you’re in trouble. So a little strength training goes far,” Clark said.

Lastly, we target the backside. Use a smaller band around the ankles, squat and move right using small steps.

“This is a big deal for athletes. Bring it back opposite direction. Now you feel the bottom and top part. Now bring it back. Three sets, 12-15 reps. No simply tap back and kick back,” Clark said.

It’s important because as Clark says, if you have a mushy butt, you have a mushy gut.

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