MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In just four days, the Twin Cities will step into the national spotlight when the best in baseball head to Target Field.

The 2014 All-Star Game will bring an estimated 160,000 visitors to Minneapolis. Keeping everyone safe is a top priority for law enforcement.

Hundreds of police officers will be on the ground at the various events, but Minneapolis Police are also asking for the public’s help to keep everyone safe.

On Monday afternoon, the Minneapolis Police Department released a nine-minute video showing eight signs that indicate suspicious behavior and a possible terrorist attack.

The video, called “See Something, Say Something,” distinguishes typical tourist activity from potential terrorism.

A key indicator is surveillance.

People watching gates or delivery entrances is suspicious behavior whereas a tourist taking pictures of the field is not. Information gathering or someone trying to figure out staffing shifts or information that’s not available to the public is another indication.

Other signs of trouble include testing security, funding, impersonation, acquiring supplies, rehearsal of the plot and deployment of the plot.

In the video, people are advised to call 311 when they see suspicious behavior and 911 when they spot imminent danger.

Along with law enforcement, volunteers, staff and security guards will also get counterterrorism training.

The public is also encouraged to check out the video.


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