MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In the past three weeks, in broad daylight, someone walked up to two University of Minnesota students and grabbed them.

In both cases a man approached the women near campus, touched them inappropriately and ran off.

University police issued a crime alert and Minneapolis police are investigating.

The first attack happened late last month near campus. The second happened on Sunday afternoon only about four blocks away.

There is typically less foot traffic on campus at the University of Minnesota during the summer, but it hasn’t meant less crime.

Women students have been targeted twice. Police say they are victims of criminal sexual conduct or molestation.

In both cases a man walked up to the victim and grabbed her from behind.

“The people that these things are happening to may not be able to think ‘What did that person look like?’ They may be in shock they may be fearful,” said John Elder, a Minneapolis police spokesperson.

Minneapolis police say both women gave vague descriptions of their attackers.

“It’s really not enough for us to say that in fact it is the same person,” Elder said.

For women who walk on campus, the frightening part is both attacks happened while it was light out.

“[I’ll] probably second guess walking by myself,” one University of Minnesota student said.

Police say there is safety in numbers.

University officials want students to know they never have to walk alone.

“If you call 624 Walk, you can receive a free walking escort 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we go to our from campus location,” said Justin Yarrington.

The escort service will walk students anywhere up to a mile off campus.

Minneapolis police are looking for anyone who might have seen these attacks.

If you have any information, give them a call.

Reg Chapman