MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The former Minnesota State University–Mankato football player who suffered a severe head injury during an assault is making a lot of progress, according to his CaringBridge website.

Isaac Kolstad’s wife, Molly Kolstad, writes that he is continuing his occupational, physical and occasionally speech therapy. He’s also involved in recreational therapy to a limited degree.

Molly says the main goal is getting Isaac up and walking on his own. Over the weekend, he increased from 200 feet a session to 700-plus feet. He’s walking about 1,500 feet a day.

Molly says Isaac’s interactions have been getting better as well, and that he has been very eager to bond with both of his daughters.

“Haidyn (their older daughter) is at camp this week, so Isaac has been taking every opportunity to bond with Malia (recently born),” Molly wrote. “It continues to amaze us the connection he has made with her through this ordeal. He truly, truly knows he is a daddy and we see this all the time with his interactions with the girls.”

Molly adds that Isaac is healthy and getting his strength back, but still has an incredibly long road ahead.


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