MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Monday’s high temp of 64 is the coldest high temperature ever recorded on this date in the Twin Cities.

And strong wind gusts along the streets of downtown Minneapolis really made the weather hard to ignore Monday morning.

Surprisingly, many of the out-of-town guests WCCO talked with still had smiles on their faces.

It’s the trip they’ve been looking forward to for months, and now that they’ve arrived in Minneapolis the wind is blowing, banners are flapping, signs are swaying and the temperature is dropping.

“This is refreshing. My son and I are on a baseball trip, seeing a bunch of different cities and this cool weather is nice and refreshing,” Sandro Prosperino, of New York, said.

His son disagrees.

“It’s freezing! That’s what I can tell ya,” Kori Prosperino said.

Many who left heat and humidity at home, welcomed the cool air.

“No, no. I love it. It’s nice. You can purify your lungs compared to all the smog over there. I like it. It’s nice,” Cesar Solamo, of California, said.

But then again, for kids it may not be the best.

“I’m freezing! I don’t really get this weather in Florida,” Roman Solomon, of Florida, said.

Those who didn’t pack for cool weather, found themselves shopping for warm clothes.

“I didn’t pack the right clothes. I’m looking for a sweatshirt and possibly some long pants. Maybe even a warm sweater. They are all sold out of blankets right now,” Traci Levangi, of Boston, said.

Seven retail shops that sell All-Star game apparel have set up around downtown.

By lunchtime many were sold-out of sweatshirts and blankets.

“No, they’re not upset. Everybody is in a good mood. It’s All-Star time,” Don Mensen, a local vendor, said.

Because of the cool, blustery weather and chance of scattered showers, the folks at Ticket King tell us that prices have dropped for some of the tickets for Monday’s Home Run Derby.

The temp is supposed to be in the mid-50s as fans sit outside at Target Field to watch that event.

The rest of the week, however, is looking much warmer.