MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Are you a builder, know a builder or want to be one? Making things instead of buying them is a throwback people are latching onto.

As tech advances and machines become faster, smaller and cheaper, people are able to build things that they once couldn’t.

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Take the 3D cutter — it’s like a 3D printer, only in reverse. The local community group Twin Cities Maker was just granted one of the machines.

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“The idea of these machines really isn’t anything new. They’ve been around for a few decades. But they were big machines — they were in industry and manufacturing — and expensive,” said Scott Hill, vice president of Twin Cities Maker. “Now you can put one of these in your garage.”

Hill said the machine is a hobbyist machine that’s good for engraving and making shapes. In fact, it uses computer software to map out whatever you’re carving.

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The machine retails for $650, which includes the tools you need to put it together.