MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis Police are looking for a suspect after a protester allegedly gained access to a video board and put up a large banner during the All-Star Game Tuesday night at Target Field.

Officials with the Minnesota Twins said the incident happened sometime during the early innings of the game. Somebody was able to gain access to the video board in right field by climbing to the top of the B parking ramp, then using a horizontal ladder to get to the stadium.

Twins officials said the ramp is right behind a bank of seats in right center field and there’s a seven foot gap between structures. The protester allegedly tied a banner reading “Love Water Not Oil” to a railing before fleeing the area.

The banner was up for about 10 minutes before stadium employees could get up to remove it.

Minneapolis Police said there is nobody in custody in connection with the incident. “Love Water Not Oil” is linked with the Honor the Earth campaign, which is headed by Winona LaDuke.