MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Avery from Zumbrota wants to know: How many baseballs do they go through during a game?

Some of the baseballs end up in the hands of fans. Some are re-used the next day for batting practice. But during the course of a Twins game, about 10 dozen, or about 120 baseballs, are used.

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If you’re keeping score at home, the Twins play 81 home games a season. That means they use about 9,700 baseballs at Target Field during the year.

Samuel from Morris wants to know: Why do we see mirages in the road?

Sometimes it looks like there’s a pool of water on the highway. It happens on asphalt in the summer because there’s typically a warm pocket of air near the ground and a cooler pocket of air just above.

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That combination bends light upwards, and to our eyes these distorted rays seem to be coming from the ground. The distorted rays then look to us like a mirror pool of water in the middle of the road.

Chris wants to know: Why do we say “ouch” when we get hurt?

Some people use other four-letter words when they get hurt. Dictionary.com describes the word “ouch” as expressing sudden pain or dismay. “Ouch” comes from the natural sound we make when we’re injured.

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In the English language, that sudden outburst of pain has evolved over time to form its own word.

John Lauritsen