MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Wednesday of last week, President Barack Obama announced economic sanctions to punish Russia for supplying arms to the rebels in Ukraine. The very next day the Malaysia Airline flight was shot down, apparently by pro-Russian rebels using what international investigators believe was a Russian-supplied missile.

So now the U.S. must decide whether to impose tougher sanctions, sanctions that could hurt European allies whose economies are heavily dependent on Russian trade.

Some in Congress say the U.S. needs to do more. Minnesota Congressman John Kline appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“There’s no question that the Russians are backing the rebels, the separatists. So, we cannot tolerate that kind of behavior,” Kline said. “We the United States need to impose sanctions, we need to work with our European allies to do that.”

Another option that Kline and other Republicans — including Sen. John McCain — say should be explored is providing arms to the Ukrainian government to help fight the rebels.

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Esme Murphy