MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It seems we can’t get away from airline fees these days, but one airline is changing the game and will begin offering something for free.

Delta Air Lines is slated to roll out Delta Studio at the end of the week. The company claims it will offer more free entertainment than any other airline.

“There got to be something it in for them,” said passenger Jeff Siegel.

Delta is rolling out free in-flight entertainment options for customers in all classes of service. There will be more seat-back screens and in-flight streaming.

“I just think all the airlines need to be competitive now and do some promotions,” said passenger Camille said.

The streaming option will offer access to on-demand movies and TV. People will be able to stream free through Gogo’s video player app.

There will also be more seat-back screens with movies, TV shows and games available on domestic aircraft and two-cabin regional jets with flights longer than 90 minutes. There will be a charge in economy seats for some premium movies.

“What they’re doing is they’re just making the trip shorter. If you’re busy, time goes faster,” said airline expert Terry Trippler.

Trippler said Delta is upping the game in a place they can afford to.

“Baggage, there’s weight on the plane and handling the bags. That costs them money, so they’re not going to give that to you,” Trippler said. “So they’re looking for ways that isn’t going to cost them anything or cost them very little.”

And he believes that’s entertainment.

“If I had the option between two airlines that had one with entertainment and one without, I’d absolutely pick the one that did,” said passenger Celin Manlove.

All of the entertainment will be free in every class on international flights.

A Delta spokesperson said they listened to customers – a desire to be entertained is consistently on the top of the list of ways to improve time in the air.


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