EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) – When Jason Galster saw Charlie Schultz’s story, he just had to meet him.

Galster is an audiologist at Starkey Hearing Technologies.

As we reported a few weeks ago, Schultz has quite a story to tell.

“I’m about three feet,” Schultz said.

He’s by far the smallest player in the gym because of a disorder that doctors haven’t been able to figure out.

He grows really slowly, and it’s also caused breathing, hip, and hearing problems.

“I’m a really nice kid, but when they first look at me they don’t see me as a regular 7th grader,” Schultz said.

But none of that has stopped Schultz from excelling at sports, posting an .850 batting average!

The way he gets around the house is just as impressive.

“I can’t reach the microwave, so I pull up a chair, climb up on the chair,” Schultz demonstrates. “A lot of times I can’t reach, like if a cup is [in the middle of the counter], so I usually just get a fork [to help get the cup].”

“And so, as soon as I heard about Charlie and his interest in audiology, I was excited to meet him,” Galster said.

Galster invited Schutlz to Starkey to get a firsthand look at what it’s like to be an audiologist.

“I thought that was very interesting,” Schultz said. “It was very fascinating.”

Almost as fascinating as Schultz, and everyone lucky enough to meet him.

Schultz also learned that being an audiologist requires eight years of college, to which he responded he’s not really a fan of that.


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