MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – What started as a pursuit of a carjacking suspect turned into an officer-involved shooting in St. Paul Sunday afternoon.

During the incident two officers and a teenager were injured, and a suspect is dead.

The incident began aroudn 4:30 p.m. with a car crash near Jackson Street and Cook Avenue.

A plain clothed officer saw the crash and witnessed the suspect running from the scene.

The suspect then took another car by force.

Police were later able to locate the stolen car at Minnehaha Avenue and Arundel Street.

Police stopped the car, but upon doing so the suspect got out of the car on the rear driver’s side and began firing at police.

Police fired back and the suspect was shot.

St. Paul police spokesman Paul Paulos said during a press conference that the least thing police like to do is shoot a suspect, but in this case they had to protect citizens and themselves.

The suspect was en route to Regions Hospital when they died.

Meanwhile, police learned that a 14-year-old boy was hit during the shooting.

The boy was hit on West Minnehaha Avenue and North Arundel Street.

Police are unsure whether the teenager was hit by shrapnel or a bullet.

He was taken to Children’s Hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Two officers were also treated for non-life threatening injuries. Four officers in total were involved in the shooting and have all been put on leave per protocol while the investigation is open.

WCCO spoke to neighbors in the area, including the couple that the 14-year-old boy ran to asking for help.

“It sounded like Fourth of July. Fireworks. I mean really loud. Like POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW. A lot of gun fire,” neighbor Cheree Wiggins said.

“The one had his hands across his stomach saying ‘I’m shot. I’m shot!’ And the other one saying ‘There were cops. They were shooting. He got shot,'” Lisa McKenna, whose husband helped the 14-year-old victim, said.

Paulos said during the press release the last few days have been dangerous, as this was the third assault this week, but that police “do this for protection of citizens and the place we call home.”

The suspect has not been identified.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Kate Raddatz


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