MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A group of University of Minnesota researchers are trying to prevent the spread of Asian Carp in the Mississippi River.

They just installed a new sonic deterrent system at Lock and Dam 8 near Genoa, Wis. Five speakers were mounted that produce a very specific type of sound.

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Researcher Peter Sorensen says the goal is to keep the destructive carp from traveling farther up the river.

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“We turn this sound on automatically whenever these gates open, so the sound pulses out for that brief moment in time,” Sorensen said. “And then we hope — just kind of like a fly swatter or something — it pushes them away so the boat can go through safely without any disturbance, and then the fish don’t come through.”

Some local businesses are worried the sonic noise will also scare away local fish. But researchers say the speakers will emit a specific frequency of sound that will only affect invasive carp.

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They say the carps’ hearing is more sensitive than the native fish.