Gallery: Goin’ To The Lake In Park Rapids

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The weather was beautiful Friday, so we went to the lake.

On Thursday, Liz Collin and Mike Binkley drove three-and-a-half hours up north to visit the town of Park Rapids, which is surrounded by lakes.

On Friday, the two took part in the Legends and Logging Days festivities. That event is the the biggest one on the town’s calendar.

The festival takes place just outside of town, and it gives you a good look at how lumberjacks do their work now…and how they did it in the past.

Liz & Mike Check Out Legends & Logging Days

Outside the festival, the two also got to check out another fun attraction just outside of town.

It’s called the Character Challenge Course, and it pushed them to the limit.

Watch as they climb as tall wooden poll and leap off.

Liz & Mike Face The Challenge Course

At Legends and Logging Days, the two had to partake in some activities.

They turned out to be archery and tomahawk throwing.

See whose got the best arm and the best aim.

Liz & Mike Shoot Arrows, Throw Tomahawks

For the full schedule for Goin’ To The Lake: All Summer Long, click here. You can suggest places for us to visit here.

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