MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Our soggy spring and summer have left an unsightly, and for some, an unsettling, problem. The extra wet ground has caused an increase in bugs, centipedes and mosquitos.

Mother Nature’s original exterminator, spiders, are having their fill on this summer’s abundance of bugs.

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Since people don’t like them in or around their homes, exterminators are busy helping control the problem.

“We hear it from a lot of homeowners,” said Scott Dorn with Rainbow Pest Experts. “You take [spider webs] down and within a week, they’re right back where you saw them before.”

Once at your house, exterminators will search for webs and eggs. After knocking them down, they’ll spray insecticide. The spiders and other bugs come in contact with it and die within 30 minutes.

To control the problem on your own, Rainbow Pest Experts suggest checking your landscaping. Keeping plants at least a foot away from your home will keep the bug’s habitat away from the house.

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The company also suggests clearing leaves from window wells. Insects like to live in the decomposing leaves and will easily find cracks and ways inside your home.

Now that the area is treated, the Farris family is looking forward to enjoying their season porch. Most importantly, they are hoping to keep the spiders out where they belong.

“We have some spiders in the house. Do they really affect us? No. But it’s more of keeping this area clean,” Sean Farris said. “Now that these guys have come out, I think it’ll take care of the problem.”

A spider treatment from Rainbow Pest Experts costs around $249 and lasts about two months.

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