MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Months after the floods, one of the communities that saw some of the worst damage has a lot of cleanup and repairs to do.

Heavy rain washed out major roads, triggered mudslides and flooded homes in the town of Blakeley, which is about an hour southwest of the Twin Cities.

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The record heavy rain in June caused sections of the pavement to buckle. Huge sections were washed out in other areas, and it eroded shoulders on gravel roads — creating hazardous driving conditions.

Brian Schmidt, the town chairman, says the recovery has been slow going.

“It’s been kind of tough for them,” Schmidt said.

Damage to the local roads has reached $260,000. It’s unclear how much the damage to county roads will come in at.

Schmidt is hoping when FEMA arrives Monday, it will jump start the repair process.

“Trying to get things started here, and want to get things moving, and see if we can get repairs going yet this fall,” he said.

Erich Meyenburg says his family can’t wait for FEMA any longer.

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“We had the flooding, the real bad flooding,” Meyenburg said.

They applied for aid, but haven’t heard a word. Heavy rain and runoff left six feet of water and mud in their basement.

“It’s been hard, hard,” says Sarah Meyenburg. “We just take it day by day, and clean up a little.”

The Meyenburgs have two children, and they don’t have flood insurance. Their repair list is so extensive, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars — forcing them to walk away from the home they’ve lived in for 15 years.

“This is such a close community and stuff. You know, all of our neighbors and everything we’ve known our whole lives. And just to pack up and move,” she said. “But we really don’t have a choice.”

The Meyenburgs say they’re grateful they have family nearby to stay with.

They are one of 30 residents who saw significant flood damage in Blakeley.

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Minnesota will receive federal money to help repair roads and bridges. For individual assistance, people had to apply.