MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Katy Gerdes won $10,000 in the “Donut Showdown” competition, which pitted her against some very talented bakers from across the country.

WCCO’s Dave Lee talked with her about the contest, which aired on the Cooking Channel, and the crazy concoctions they had to make.

“Our first challenge was in 45 minutes. We had to make doughnuts with pizza toppings! So tomato sauce,” Gerdes said.

The next round was based on a New York theme.

“Definitely the first time we had made doughnuts with pickles,” she said.

When she found out she won, she said was surprised.

“I had a rough week. My lap top had gotten stolen the day before we flew out to shoot the episode. So it was a downer week,” she said. “So to win was awesome.”

Gerdes isn’t new to television. She was also a contestant on “Project Runway” eight years ago.