MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A U.S. Army Sergeant who was shot in the head, then shot again three more times, is sharing his message of forgiveness and recovery at the fair.

After serving two tours in Iraq, Sergeant Patrick Zeigler was shot during the 2009 attack on Fort Hood.

After an extensive recovery, his family now lives in Rochester, Minn. as he gets care at the Mayo Clinic.

Each day at the State Fair, he shares his story, hoping to inspire others in whatever struggles they have.

“With recovery and hope, comes feelings of acceptance. And sometimes, you have to forgive the people who harmed you so you can move on with your life,” Zeigler said.

Sergeant Ziegler says he appreciates and trusts the care Mayo Clinic has given him and other soldiers.

The Mayo Clinic has a long history of providing care to wounded heroes dating back to the Civil War.