MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 33-year-old IT student at St. Cloud State University faces multiple serious charges accusing him of secretly taking pictures and videos of women.

On Thursday, Kevin Petroske was charged with four felony counts of stalking (pattern of stalking conduct), five felony counts of stalking (aggravated violations committed because of bias) and 20 gross misdemeanor counts of interfering with privacy.

Last month, police arrested Petroske for allegedly peeping through a stranger’s window. They say a search of his phone showed a half dozen more victims near campus.

Police are concerned more women may have been victimized by Petroske. Investigators do not believe he knew his victims.

“The sad thing is the victim’s probably don’t even know they were being looked upon from the outside,” Steve said.

St. Cloud State University, which confirmed Petroske is a registered student, is assisting police with the investigation and is providing services for the women who police identified on Petroske’s phone.

Police say there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

“Shut your shades, lock your doors lock your window, anything suspicious make sure you report it,” Steve said.

If convicted of all charges, Petroske faces up to 10 years for each pattern of stalking charge, up to five years for each aggravated stalking charge and up to one year for each interference with privacy charge.

His bail was set for $300,000 unconditional and $150,000 conditional.


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