MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s been just about two months since the All-Star game was played at Target Field, but Minneapolis Police are just now getting an idea of how much it cost them.

It took about 700 police personnel to keep downtown safe during the days leading up to the game.

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Three hundred of those officers came from other law enforcement agencies.

But despite the number of officers and the amount of overtime they got paid, Minneapolis Police say they still saved money.

“I’d give it an A-plus,” assistant police chief, Matt Clark, said.

Clark said the entire event went smoothly for two main reasons – a partnership between Minneapolis police and local businesses, and a partnership with other law enforcement agencies.

“The combination of those two helped us keep the dollar amounts low. And keep that police presence higher than it has been in the past,” Clark said.

Thanks to help from out-of-town officers and deputies the total cost, with overtime and other expenses, was about $121,000.

Kansas City paid $250,000 in police overtime costs during their All-Star game in 2012.

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Clark said the partnership between Minneapolis and its neighbors is a tradeoff.

“When they call us for an issue with bomb squad or an incident in their city, we are more than ready to help them out,” Clark said.

Businesses were willing to help Minneapolis police too.

“Having that training and exercise helped us to know what we are doing,” Shane Zahn, of the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, said.

Zahn is a liaison between the private sector and police.

He said up to 60 downtown buildings were on a radio link communicating with officers during the game. He also credits help from other agencies and would like to see that grow for the Super Bowl.

“I love bringing in multiple agencies in and collaborating from other departments. Maybe expanding on that,” Zahn said.

Clark said the All-Star game definitely helped with Super Bowl planning, and he said he would use the same model for the Super Bowl in 2018.

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The overtime costs for the All-Star game is comparable to the Dinkytown disturbances during the Frozen Four in March.

John Lauritsen