MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Isaac Kolstad endured a tough week in his recovery process after he suffered a seizure Friday night.

Kolstad has spent four months recovering from an attack in downtown Mankato. He suffered a serious brain injury after a fight.

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According to his CaringBridge page, Kolstad was hospitalized through the weekend after he had a seizure Friday evening.

Kolstad’s wife Molly said that doctors told the family the seizure was due to his brain injury and that with that type of brain injury seizures are typical.

He was released and put on new anti-seizure medication.

Kolstad encountered further complications when doctors attempted to take out a filter that was put in to place to help prevent any blood clots from reaching his heart or lungs.

According to Molly’s CaringBridge post, the type of filter had a 50 percent chance of being removed safely.

After his seizure, doctors attempted to remove the filter but were unable to do so.

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While the filter can function as a permanent filter, leaving it in can increase the chance of further clotting.

Molly wrote that it can also detach and possible hit one of Isaac’s veins or organs.

Leaving the filter in will will also mean Kolstad would need to be on blood thinning medication for life.

According to the CaringBridge post that could be potentially dangerous as any fall or damage could lead to internal bleeding.

Finally, Molly wrote that their insurance told them they would no longer cover in-patient therapy as they felt he “looked good.”

At the beginning of the month, Kolstad was able to lead his former team, Minnesota State University – Mankato, out onto the field for their home opener.

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While Kolstad has made strides, Molly wrote she felt that ending therapy now would not be in his best interest.