MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Lakeville, Minn. man is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl with whom he had a significant relationship.

Kenneth Junior Pitchford, Jr., 24, has been charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree with a dangerous weapon and one count of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree.

According to the criminal complaint, the Rosemount Police Department responded to a call in the early hours of Sept. 9 of a sexual assault in progress in the 13000 block of Robert Trail South.

Upon arrival, police saw a female teen waving her arms and screaming from a window.

Once inside the house, police said the girl told them Pitchford had entered her bedroom between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. wearing a mask.

He pulled out a gun and pointed it at her head before pushing her down on the bed.

The victim said Pitchford asked her if she knew who he was. When she responded yes, he then went through her room and took her iPod.

According to the criminal complaint, Pitchford then took off the victim’s clothes and took pictures of her.

Police said he then began to have sex with her. When she asked him to stop, he cocked the gun which he had pointed towards her head.

He continued to take pictures throughout the assault and told the girl if she told on him he would post them on Facebook.

After he left, the teen texted a relative who lived in another state and told her what happened.

According to police, the victim was scared to call the police directly because she was scared he was still in the home and would “shoot everybody in the home” if he heard sirens.

While investigating the house, police found Pitchford in a nearby closet.

At first, Pitchford denied being in the girl’s room, but later admitted to the assault.

According to the criminal complaint, he told police that he needed help and the “evil voice” told him to “do it.”

Pitchford told police he had been waiting outside her door and when she answered he “bum-rushed” her.

He said he pushed her down on the bed and undressed her, but did not remember anything else of the assault.

Police said he later told them to believe everything the victim said, as he “blacked out” during it.

During the investigation, police said the victim’s mother told them Pitchford did not live in the home, but a search revealed a number of his items within the house.

Additionally, a tent was found set up outside with a mattress, pillows and a T.V.

According to the criminal complaint, Pitchford had called a relative who lived in the home and asked if he could stay there. The relative agreed, despite knowing that Pitchford was not in the house for numerous reasons, including trespassing.

Police said this is not the first time Pitchford has sexually assaulted the victim.

Pitchford was taken into custody.

The girl was taken to Minnesota Children’s Resource Center for a medical exam and forensic interview.