MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – St. Paul’s Como Zoo has rolled out the welcome mat for two twin polar bears.

One’s a girl named Suka, and she weighs about 400 pounds. Her brother’s name is Sakari, and he’s about 600 pounds.

The two are nearly 2 years old, and they seem to like Minnesota.

“They’re very busy swimming, playing, and generally having fun exploring the exhibit,” said Michelle Furrer, the director of Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. “We have some very happy, healthy bears.”

The bears were born in Ohio’s Toledo Zoo, and they’ll be living in Como’s Polar Bear Odyssey exhibit next to its two resident bears, Neil and Buzz.

However, the young bears won’t have direct contact with their older (and much bigger) counterparts.

The exhibit was designed, the zoo says, to hold separate groups of bears while still allowing each group access to pools, bedrooms and sunlight.

Allison Jungheim, Como’s senior zookeeper, says Suka and Sakari seem to be getting used to their new home.

“It’s very reassuring to see how well and quickly they have adapted to their new surroundings,” she said.

The twins’ mother is in the Toledo Zoo, which is well known for its reproductive success with polar bears. That zoo has been home to six cubs over the last eight years.

Como Zoo and Toledo Zoo are part of an association that works together in moving and caring for animals.

The Como Zoo says it’s managed polar bears for over 40 years.