By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Many high schools will celebrate homecoming in the next month.

Part of that means electing the popular homecoming king and queen.

But for one Minnesota high school tonight, the crowning was much more about heart.

For two Annandale High School students, the title of homecoming king and queen means something more than just the chance to be high school royalty.

Yazmin Vasquez and Devin Stenson are special education students.

“Everytime they passed the crown on, on every girl, I thought, ‘She was going to win,’ or, ‘She was going to win,'” said Vasquez.

“I’m very excited,” Stenson said.

The student body voted for the pair to represent their school and community.

“For them, for my parents, it’s a really nice moment,” said Araceli Vasquez, Yazmin’s sister.

The announcement of Yazmin and Devin winning brought the crowd to their feet.

“These kids are out talking with eachother everyday,” said Lori Steffen, a student council co-advisor. “Yazmin works the tables every day at lunch and talks with everyone, and Devin does as well.”

So while Yasmin and Devon will keep their crowns for the school year, taking home the royal title will stay in their hearts for a lifetime.

“I’m so happy because I won and I’m going to be the queen all year,” Yazmin said.

Kate Raddatz