By Kate Raddatz

Prices at the pump have been dropping lately, something many drivers around the metro have probably noticed.

The good news is that gas prices are about 10 cents lower in Minnesota than they were last month — and they will continue to go down for a while.

But while AAA says some areas could see prices fall under $3, we likely won’t see that here in Minnesota.

Right now, the cost for a gallon of regular unleaded in Minnesota is $3.23, according to AAA. That’s lower than the national average of about $3.35.

Falling gas prices are pretty typical this time of year as gas stations make the switch from the more expensive summer blend to the winter blends.

But this year, they’re being pulled even lower because of falling oil prices, along with a larger supply and lower demand now that summer vacations are over.

By the end of the year, up to 30 states could have an average gas price of less than $3 per gallon, but AAA says we probably won’t be one of those lucky states.

It’s been “about nine months or so since we’ve seen these kinds of prices,” said Gail Weinholzer, an AAA spokesperson. “In the Upper Midwest, I’d expect our prices to not drop below $3.10, $3.15.”

Traditionally, gas prices tend to bottom out in late October, so we will continue to see them drop for at least another month.

Kate Raddatz

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