MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Not that Minnesotans need to be reminded of all the things that make their state one of the greatest to live in — and not that we are not biased in these matters — but there’s another list confirming it.

Minnesota is the second happiest state in America, according to figures analyzed by WalletHub recently. The number one ranking state was Utah.

WalletHub said that they figured where each state ranked according to emotional and physical well-being, community, environment, recreational activities, and their work satisfaction.

Minnesota ranked higher than any other state in terms of emotional and physical well-being.

Also, the state ranked second highest for overall volunteerism, behind Utah.

The remaining happiest states included North Dakota in third, followed by Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Iowa, Hawaii, South Dakota, and Idaho.

The least happy state was West Virginia, with Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky also ranking near the bottom of the overall list.

Of course, it’s worth noting that another separate WalletHub survey found that most Minnesota cities rank near the bottom of the list for weather. So there’s that.