MINNEAPOLIS – A Twin Cities family that’s already endured shock and trauma is asking for help.

Fifty-six-year-old Todd Hoffstrom of St. Anthony went missing early Monday morning.

Family members said he has been battling depression.

His son Ted Hoffstrom shot and killed Dr. Stephen Larson at his Orono home last November.

When police officers arrived, they were forced to shoot Ted Hoffstrom, and he died on scene.

“For Teddy to do something that horrific, just literally ripped Todd and my heart out,” said Leeann Hoffstrom.

Leeann said her husband was already depressed and abusing alcohol before their son Ted shot Dr. Larson and then was shot by police.

She said that nightmare took Todd’s depression to another level.

“Todd just kept going and spiraling down and blamed himself that if I would have not been so depressed, I could have helped Teddy,” said Leeann.

After promising his family that he would get help, Leeann said her husband fell asleep on the couch last Sunday night.

But when she woke up early Monday morning he was gone.

Leeann said Todd left in his black GMC Envoy with $8 and the clothes on his back.

He hasn’t used his credit cards and his cellphone is turned off.

Leann and her son Daniel fear Todd may be suicidal.

“That haunts me because his self-worth was zero. He didn’t think he was worth the breath in the air,” said Leeann.

“I just want him to come home, you know? I really, really miss my dad,” said Daniel Hoffstrom.

Friends and family have searched across the Twin Cities.

Daniel said his dad swore to him on Sunday that he would go to the hospital for his depression.

Daniel said the hardest part is the not-knowing.

“Just wondering if he’s okay, if he’s cold at night because he didn’t have any clothes. Just wishing I could take care of him like he took care of me and everything. I just want him to come home and I love him,” said Daniel.

Early in the search for Todd Hoffstrom there was a cell phone ping at Hanson Park in Fridley, but nothing was found.

Todd Hoffman has green eyes and is about 5-feet-9-inches tall and 175 pounds. His GMC Envoy’s license plate number is 950-JCA.

If you have seen him, you are urged to call police immediately.

John Lauritsen

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